Welcome to Elkhorn West Construction, Inc

We are a commercial general contractor, Elkhorn West Construction, Inc. has worked on medical facilities, universities, public & private schools, government facilities, restaurants, churches, multi-unit housing, and much more. We are dedicated to bring diligence, constancy, and satisfaction to our customers.


  • Be hardworking, thorough, professional, and loyal.
  • Promote the character development of each worker.
  • Promote behavior that reflects well on Elkhorn West Construction, Inc., our workforce team, and each worker.
  • Develop each worker’s talent to the fullest.
  • Operate with integrity.
  • Promote unity, pride, unselfishness, and confidence in the construction team.
  • Promote the value of education.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • A chance to learn, to grow and to be fairly paid for what you do.
  • To belong, the satisfaction of being a part of a business that is important to the community, and to know that you are a valued member of that team.

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